Newell Farm Concert

Rain did not stop us or the wonderful concert we attended this past weekend. Our client, Sarah Lincoln, and her husband, Butch Hause, host the Newell Farm Concert each year and we were privileged to attend this year!  Thank you Sarah and Butch for the incredible evening!

Newell Farm 1
Newell Farm 3
Newell Farm 2
Newell Farm 4


2023 Shred A Thon Recap

Another successful Shred A Thon in the books!

 2023 Shred a Thon Flyer
Shred photo 16 2023     
Shred photo 15 2023
 Shred photo 12 2023 
Shred photo 6 2023     
Shred photo 7 2023
Shred photo 14 2023          
      Shred a thon 2023    


Client Appreciation Event at Planks and Paint NOCO

We had a delightful day creating beautiful works of art! Our client, Misty Richmond, is the owner of Planks and Paint NOCO and hosted us for a fun-filled client appreciation day. We had several clients join us to make a project to take home. We look forward to having more of these events in the future!

Photo 14




Photo 5
Photo 4
Photo 17
Photo 16
Photo 22
Photo 21
Photo 20
Photo 8
Photo 23


Photo 2

Photo 7


Photo 9

Photo 13Photo 3

Planks and Paint

2022 Shred A Thon Recap

The 2022 Shred A Thon was a success!

Jay Financial partnered with local boy scouts so they could work towards earning their service hours and Environmental badge (as well as raise funds for their annual camping trip). At their most recent event, they shredded over 8,400 lbs of paper and the scouts raised almost $1,000 for their trip.

Shred a thon 2 2022
Shred a thon 3 2022
Shred a thon 4 2022
Shred a thon 6 2022
Shred a thon 7 2022
Shred a thon 9 2022


2022 Shred A Thon

Shred A Thon